How does a Specialty Show Work?

1.2.3 “Specialty conformation show” is a show given by a club formed for the improvement of any one or more (but not all) of recognized or listed breeds. A specialty show shall be confined to the breeds for which the club holding such a show was recognized to promote. Types of specialty shows are: breed specialty; multiple breed specialty; group specialty and multiple group specialty.1


The breed specialty offer points towards championships and are judged by a separate judge and conducted separately from the host All breed show. The show must be approved by CKC and conducted under the auspices of the host club. Order of judging is the same as a regular show . Extra unofficial classes can be offered .
Generally, breed specialties offer a spotlight on the breed and the finer points of the the breed  are carefully judged. Specialty ribbons are offered for the show showing the logo of the club. Prizes may be awarded .